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Body Care Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

Body Care Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

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Our cosmetic laboratory specializes in the formulation and production of contract manufacturing body creams specifically for the treatment of major skin imperfections.

In particular, our cosmetologists and researchers have focused on the development of innovative products for the treatment of cellulite. Our studies have focused on the development of targeted products for the treatment of different stages of the aesthetic imperfection.

In addition to formulating contract manufacturing body creams for the treatment of skin imperfections, our expert cosmetologists have, over the years, developed numerous products with moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and antioxidant actions.

Body Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing for Every Need

The rule also applies to the body, as each skin type has different treatment needs and, therefore, requires specially formulated cosmetics. Thanks to the experience and know-how of our researchers, we can develop numerous types of body cosmetic products for our contract manufacturing clients:

  • anti-cellulite
  • anti-stretch marks
  • firming and draining
  • moisturizing and nourishing
  • anti-aging
  • cleansers and exfoliants
  • post-depilation
  • massage oils
  • fragrances

Products can be formulated not only as creams, but also as gels, lotions, fluids, sprays, and oils.

Rely on Us for the Production of Your Contract Manufacturing Body Creams

If you think we can be the right partner to implement your cosmetic project, contact us now!

Contract Manufacturing of Custom Body Creams with Full-service

As a third-party body cream manufacturer, we have always set ourselves the goal of offering our clients products that are different in formulation and quality than the mainstream products on the market.

For each project, we study and develop new formulations based on the customer's requirements, with reference to the target audience for which the products are intended, type of need to be met, packaging and brand values.

Choosing Licofarma for the production of your customized cosmetic products means relying on a professional, reliable and experienced partner capable of supporting the client in all phases of the project from validation to final production and packaging.

Organic Lycopene

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