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Corporate and Social Responsibility

From the very beginning, environmental sustainability has been the basis of every choice we have made. We have always believed in a business model that knows how to develop and grow together and with full respect for the environment that hosts it. A sustainability not only linked to the territory, but also to the respect and attention to people and their well-being.

Innovazione sostenibile

Sustainable Innovation

From the very beginning, the decision to invest in the CO2 extraction process was dictated by the desire to innovate responsibly and sustainably. In fact, carbon dioxide is neither toxic nor harmful (you can breathe it), it is nonflammable and inexpensive, and once the process is finished, it leaves no residue in the finished product. Moreover, when the process is finished, the carbon dioxide returns to gas and is recycled for use in the next process. Our production plant is, therefore, environmentally friendly and produces no waste and no emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Valorization of the Territory

We believe in the potential of the territory and have always operated with the desire to contribute to the growth of the local economic and productive fabric, enhancing its potential and human and natural resources. It is for this reason that for the production of our antioxidant active ingredients we use only local raw materials (tomatoes, grapes and aromatic plants grown in Salento). Moreover, we have always collaborated with public and private local entities to build sustainable development strategies capable of creating economic value.

Valorizzazione del territorio

A Concrete Commitment to the Environment

The company's goal is the continuous improvement of research, production and packaging processes to ensure that all our products are ethical and sustainable at every stage of their life cycle.

Leonardo Rescio

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