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Food Supplements Contract Manufacturing

Your Contract Manufacturing
Partner for Supplements

Thanks to the continuous activity of research and to the competencies acquired in the field of food supplementation we can offer a qualified service of food supplements contract manufacturing, for those who wish to approach the market with a customized line distinguished by quality and effectiveness. Licofarma, in fact, is not just a simple dietary supplements contract manufacturing company, but above all a passionate and expert research and development team dedicated to one goal alone: create innovative, effective and quality supplements safe for the health

laboratorio produzione integratori conto terzi

Your Supplements Contract Manufacturing Laboratory

It is within our research laboratory that our formulators, starting from the client’s needs, develop the best possible formulations according to the most accredited scientific literature, to the synergies between the selected active ingredients and the latest regulation. This makes Licofarma a supplements contract manufacturing company able to create every project with tailor care, in perfect synchrony with the ideas and expectations of the client in terms of condition to be treated, target audience and distribution channel

A 360° Contract Manufacturing Service of Dietary Supplements

Clients who choose to entrust us with the development, production and packaging of their contract manufacturing dietary supplements, find in Licofarma a reliable, experienced, efficient and concrete partner able to support them in all phases of project creation and implementation thanks to a full service supplement customization. The transversal skills of our team and the flexibility of our production processes, allow us to directly manage the entire production process regardless of whether small or large production batches are involved

01 Step

Briefing with the Customer

We listen to the customer and identify his objectives

02 Step

Feasibility Study

We help the client assess the feasibility of the idea

03 Step

Bibliographical Research

We study the most accredited scientific literature

04 Step

Formulation Development

Formulations with the targeted active ingredients identified

05 Step

Stability and Safety Studies

We carry out all appropriate tests to validate the formulations

06 Step

Choice of Packaging

Package selection according to the pharmaceutical form

07 Step

Graphics and Content

We develop graphics and text that comply with regulations

08 Step

Production and Packaging

We make the bulk of the product and pack it

09 Step

Regulatory Assistance

We carry out the notification to the Ministry of Health

Do you already have your own formulation and/or packaging? We can take care of the bulk production and contract packaging of your supplements, even in small batches

Quality and Safety in All Phases of the
Development and Manufacturing Process

Outsource the Development of Your Third Party Supplements to Us

Do you have a project in mind for the creation of your own line of custom supplements and don't know where to turn? You have an opportunity to talk to us about it, fill out the form to be contacted for free

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Licofarma S.r.l.
Via Lecce 90/92, 73013, Galatina LE, Italy

Why Choose Us as a Third Party Supplements Manufacturer

Broad Flexibility

Broad Flexibility

No minimum order. We also offer contract supplement manufacturing in small quantities

Value Partnership

Value Partnership

Customer collaboration and sharing of ideas and value are our winning formula

Formulation Versatility

Formulation Versatility

We can handle contract manufacturing of both powder and liquid supplements

Quality Active Ingredients

Quality Active Ingredients

We use only highly titled, standardized and highly bioavailable active ingredients

Organic Lycopene

Organic Lycopene

We make our patented and certified active ingredients available to contract customers

High Production Standards

High Production Standards

We work by complying with very high standards of production and raw material selection

Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

We adopt a shared quality policy at all levels to ensure safe and effective products

Exclusive Formulations

Exclusive Formulations

Customized contract supplements with exclusive formulations created ad hoc for each client

Method and Speed

Method and Speed

Processes defined to ensure flexibility, speed of response, quality and safety of the finished product

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

Discover properties and benefitsorganic lycopene supplement