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Quality Management

Monitoring, Rigor and Continuous Improvement Ensure Safe and Consistent Quality Products

The quality and safety of every single product we make and of all business processes is the guiding value that inspires us in carrying out every activity, from research and development to the delivery of the finished product.

certificazione ISO9001 Licofarma

Certified Quality Management System

All our processes and products are manufactured in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards. The production process is supervised by highly professional technicians who are constantly trained and updated. The company is equipped with its own chemical and microbiological quality control laboratory, where accurate analytical, stability and quality control tests are performed during all stages of the production process, from the receipt of raw materials to the storage of finished products. A certification that is not only formal, but a key piece in the process of continuous improvement.

Traceability and Safety of the Production Process

All our processes are carried out and managed in-house to ensure complete and optimal traceability and control of the entire process and individual formulations. All collected data is recorded in special registers (batch production records) for the storage of traceability of manufacturing information of each individual product batch. In addition, with regard to food supplements, our production process has obtained the HACCP and GMP certifications, which guarantee its integrity and compliance with food safety regulations.

A Culture of Quality
Shared at All Levels

Every person within the company knows and applies the procedures dictated by the quality management system.

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