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Research Projects

Research, Innovation and Experiment are parts of our DNA

New challenges don’t frighten us, they always give us instead the motivation to move forward, to research and experiment new solutions to improve the well being of people and the sustainability of the environment.

Progetto nemesi licofarma

“NEMESI” Project (Green Chemical Nanotechnologies for the sustainable protection of plants)

In 2017, alongside with Università del Salento, Università della Tuscia and other 10 Public and Private Bodies, Licofarma submitted the project “NEMESI” to MIUR, for the development and set-up of an innovative technology to fight off the bacteria Xylella Fastidiosa, which has severely affected olive trees and other plants. NEMESI involves the development and validation of biobased products with vegetable actives extracted via sub or supercritical CO2 from residuals and waste-products of the farming and wood supply chains.

“PERCIVAL” (Processes of Extraction of Bioproducts from farming waste and cascade enhancement)

In 2018, together with other 16 Partners including Public (ENEA, Di.T.N.E. Scarl, Università del Salento, di Torino, dell’Aquila, della Tuscia, di Bari, di Ferrara e di Foggia) and Private Bodies (2 Foundations and 5 Companies), Licofarma presented to MIUR the research project “PERCIVAL”, aimed to obtain biochemicals from farming waste through the enhancement of the whole supply chain in circular economy, within the scope of the National Research Program 2015-2020.

Progetto Percival Licofarma
Progetto Horizon 2020 Licofarma

Horizon 2020-SME Instruments 2018-2020. “BioLyco” Project

In 2019, Licofarma won the European grant Horizon 2020-SME Instruments 2018-2020 with the project “BioLyco: Bringing a healthy antioxidant found in tomatoes to a global market”. The project involves the introduction to the global market of organic food supplements with Lycopene and the creation of a new extraction plant to scale up the production of bulk organic lycopene.

Project “Age-related Macular Degeneration (DMLE)”

The aim of the project is the development and set-up of an innovative food supplement with organic lycopene and other antioxidant active ingredients with synergistic action, in order to reduce the oxidative stress and the risk of DMLE. The product developed by Licofarma represents an innovative and important dietary support, available to specialists in Ophthalmology to fight off DMLE.

Progetto degenerazione maculare Licofarma
Bionic antiage licofarma

Project “BIONIC Anti-Age Cellular Program”

The aim of the research project is the development of an innovative anti-ageing treatment for face, neck and decollete’, based on a new mixed peeling, new methodology and new products, customizable according to each skin type and suitable even during pregnancy and at summer.

“Bioniporine Project”

The aim of the project is the development and set-up of a new anti-cellulite cosmetic treatment, with new methodology and products, effective in presence of oedematous and fibro-nodular cellulite, and customizable according to the patient’s specific needs. The new proposed anti cellulite treatment shows effective results (visible within a short time from its first application and lasting over time) and safety (no side effects), and moreover it can take place even during pregnancy or at summertime.

Progetto bioniporine licofarma
Anastasia Project licofarma


Project funded by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy with the aim of applying nanotechnologies to photoepilation. Specifically, the project aims to study the application of nanotechnologies for the sustainable increase of the stability of products in the cosmetic sector. In the realization of the project Licofarma is a partner of prestigious Italian companies and of the University of Salento.

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

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