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Hair Products Contract Manufacturing

Production of Contract Manufacturing Hair Products

prodotti per capelli conto terzi

Hair and scalp need special care and attention to stay healthy. Building on their experience in the field of cosmetic formulations, our expert cosmetologists design innovative and effective contract manufacturing hair products together with the customer.

Our experts study the best possible formulations to create customized contract manufacturing hair care product lines based on the client's requirements and needs.

Our research and development has focused particularly on scalp care, because it is only from a healthy scalp that healthy hair is born and grows. That is why it is important to formulate products specifically for various needs, with targeted, nonaggressive active ingredients and a gentle texture.

Contract Manufacturing Hair Cosmetic Products for Every Need

In our contract manufacturing cosmetic laboratory, thanks to expertise established through years of research, we can develop contract manufacturing hair products, even at low MOQ, for every type of scalp need and problem:

  • anti-loss products
  • anti-dandruff products
  • restructuring products
  • sebum-regulating products
  • products for reddened scalp
  • sunscreen products for hair
  • daily cleansing products
  • styling products

With us you can implement not only the production of contract manufacturing shampoos but, also masks, lotions, spray serums for all hair types (normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin), for a complete hair care line.

In addition to the study and development of the formulation, we take care of all the necessary steps to produce the final products that make up your hair cosmetic line.

Do you want to Create your own Custom Hair Care Cosmetic Line?

Do you want to Create your own Custom Hair Care Cosmetic Line?

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