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Lycocerasomes: Innovative Organic Lycopene Vehiculation Technique Through the Skin.

Our Biological Lycopene, thanks to the unique patented extraction process, has a very high antioxidant capacity against excess free radicals and at the same time a higher bioavailability that makes it easily assimilated by the body, especially when taken as a dietary supplement.

Lycopene, however, is also a valuable ally for the skin since its antioxidant action helps protect the skin from aging, contributes to photoprotection from damage caused by sun exposure, as well as damage caused by pollution and environmental agents. To improve the action of Lycopene as a cosmetic active ingredient, our researchers have, therefore, engaged in the development of an innovative topical penetration technology capable of protecting the active ingredient while prolonging its antiradical efficacy. This is how Lycocerasomes were born: an innovative system of delivery and protection of Lycopene by transepidermal route.

What are Lycocerasomes

Lycocerasomes are "cementing" nanostructures consisting of wheat-derived ceramides, very similar in structure to skin ceramides, that wrap Lycopene in multiple lipid layers. In this way, these nanostructures represent a true carrier that facilitates penetration of the active ingredient through the skin.

Once penetrated into the skin, the Lycocerasomes release there the biological Lycopene, which, thanks to its peculiarities, acts in depth by strengthening and stimulating skin microcirculation while counteracting the harmful action of free radicals, the main culprits of aging. The ceramide component also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, preserving their integrity.

Thanks to the ability of Lycocerasomes to release Lycopene in depth, the tissues, which are regularly irrigated, appear more vital, giving the skin a brighter, turgid, relaxed and youthful appearance.

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

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