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  • Nature, Research and Innovation
    for Production of Food Supplements
    and Functional Cosmetics

Produzione Conto Terzi di Integratori Alimentari e Cosmetici

To define us in two words, we’d say “Traditionally Innovative”.
For over 20 years, in fact, we believe that Research and Innovation are the essential “ingredients” to develop products able to improve the Wellbeing of people, giving them actual solutions to specific problems.

Leonardo e Consiglio Rescio
Founders and MDs

Research, Development and Sustainable Innovation

Research & Development are the soul of our organization. For over 20 years we have been dedicated to the study of natural antioxidants and their health benefits. Our research laboratory is where we test and create health supplements and functional cosmetics, unique and truly effective. Our drive, since the beginning, is the will to combine innovation and nature through ethics and sustainability. A daily commitment that allowed us, over the years, to develop and patent an innovative process of extraction of Organic Lycopene and other vegetable antioxidants.

Actual Remedies to Improve the Wellbeing of People

Food Supplements

Food Supplements

High-added-value nutraceuticals, designed as dietary support in treating specific conditions.

Functional Cosmetics

Functional Cosmetics

Targeted products to help complete the treatment of specific skin conditions and aging process.

Expert, Reliable and Flexible

We second with our knowledge and competences those who wish to present themselves in the markets of food supplements and cosmetics with innovative, safe and effective products.

Contract Manufacturing Supplements

Contract Manufacturing Supplements

We take care of formulation and production of Contract Manufacturing Supplements, including small MOQ.

Contract Manufacturing Cosmetics

Contract Manufacturing Cosmetics

We take care of formulation and production of Contract Manufacturing Cosmetics, including small MOQ.

Professional Aesthetics

Professional Aesthetics

We develop cosmeceuticals, treatments and services specifically dedicated to dermatologists and professional beauty operators.

Consolidated Expertise
and Quality Culture

Supervision and Management of quality in every step of the production process to ensure:

High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Supervision and Management of  entire Production Chain

Supervision and Management of
entire Production Chain

Safety and Traceability

Safety and

Create your Project with Us

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Licofarma S.r.l.
Via Lecce 90/92, 73013, Galatina LE, Italy

Continuous Updates and Sharing
of Ideas to always be one step ahead

What they say about us

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

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