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Face and Body Sunscreens Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing of Sun Creams

One of the flagships of our research and development is photoprotection, or the protection of the skin from damage caused by excessive and/or incorrect exposure to sunlight (UVA and UVB).

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For years now, it has been widely demonstrated that incorrect or excessive sun exposure can permanently damage the skin, increasing the risk of the onset of chronic diseases.

In addition to this, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause erythemas, sunburn, premature onset of wrinkles and dark spots, accelerating the skin aging process.

That's why it becomes essential to use specific, quality cosmetic products suitable to effectively protect the skin during exposure to both UVB and UVA rays.

Your Specialized and Personalized Line of Suncare Products

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge accumulated over more than 10 years of studies conducted on the damage caused by photoaging and the role that antioxidants play in protecting the skin from oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet radiation, we are able to develop innovative, high-quality contract manufacturing sunscreens with effective skin protective action.

Based on customer requirements, our cosmetologists can develop products aimed at meeting any photoprotection needs, in particular:

  • high-protection sunscreens (SPF 50 and SPF 50+)
  • medium protection sunscreens (SPF 30 and SPF 20)
  • low-protection sunscreens (SPF 10 and SPF 6)
  • specific sunscreens for facial protection (SPF 50)
  • specific sunscreens for children
  • specific sunscreens for hair protection
  • stick products for lip protection
  • tan accelerators
  • after-sun products

All products can be made in cream, spray milk, oil and lotion form, and for complete protection, specific food supplements can also be combined to prepare the skin for sun exposure.

Develop with us your own contract manufacturing line of solar products

Contact us now, we will evaluate together with you and for free your idea.

Protective and Anti-Aging Action Sun Products

By turning to us for the development of your own contract manufacturing line of sunscreens, you will be able to market yourself with exclusive products with a high degree of cosmetic innovation, capable of combining broad-spectrum protection from solar radiation with deep anti-aging and antioxidant action.

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

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