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Double-Lift Formula

Double-Lift Technology: Innovative "Ultra Lifting Effect"

For more than 20 years, our researchers have been studying the processes of skin aging with the aim of developing cosmetic technologies that can amplify the anti-aging action of the plant active ingredients with which we develop our targeted action functional cosmetics.

One of these technologies is the innovative Double-Lift formula that effectively counteracts the degenerative action caused by free radicals, slowing down the aging process and providing a multi-directional, ultra-deep lifting effect.

How Double-Lift Technology Works

This innovative technique makes it possible to unite in a single formulation plant-based, antioxidant, immediate-acting active ingredients that, once applied to the skin, penetrate deep into the tissues activating immediately, with other slow-acting active ingredients that activate to ensure an "ultra lifting effect", deep and multi-directional that acts by smoothing and giving elasticity and firmness to the skin of the face.

Thanks to the "Double Lift" technology, it is possible to target and effectively treat even the most pronounced wrinkles on the face, neck, eye and lip contour with an immediate visible, deep and long-lasting effect. This innovative formulation is the basis of our Rebel Professional SkinCare line of anti-aging face creams.

Organic Lycopene

The certified organic lycopene supplement, fruit of Licofarma research. Protects every day the health of your body, fighting oxidative stress.

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