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Microdermabrasion with Corundum

Micronized Oil-Dispersed Corundum Powder: Innovative Patented Microdermabrasion Technique

Corundum is a precious mineral that has the special characteristic of occurring in nature in different colors and degrees of brilliance. It is a hard mineral with a structure very similar to that of diamond and whose most important precious derivatives are ruby, when it occurs in a deep red color, and sapphire, when it occurs in the deep blue coloration.

Due to their special chemical characteristics, corundum crystals have a natural smoothing and exfoliating action that makes corundum powder particularly useful for use in aesthetic microdermabrasion treatments.

At Licofarma, our researchers have developed and patented an innovative microdermabrasion treatment based on Micronized Oleo-dispersed Corundum Powder capable of activating a so-called "deferred lubrication," meaning that it develops as the massage becomes more pronounced and prolonged.

Mechanism of action of Micronized Oleo-dispersed Corundum Powder

Corundum crystals are suitable for use as exfoliants because, having a hardness index lower only than diamond and a very fine grain size, they do not scratch the skin but abrade it gently without attacking it. They are chemically inert, so they do not react in contact with other substances, thus avoiding the occurrence of sensitization.

Once applied to the skin, the oil-dispersed Corundum crystals evenly exfoliate the treated tissue, removing the superficial stratum corneum and smoothing the skin without damaging the structure of the dermis. Blackheads and sebum accumulations are brought to the surface, and superficial hyperpigmentations are lightened. Skin imperfections, wrinkles and scars become less noticeable.

The influx of blood generated by the action of the crystals massaged into the skin also brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface, activating cellular repair mechanisms and promoting the penetration into the dermis of active ingredients applied later to treat particular dermatological conditions.

Thanks to this innovative technology, therefore, it is possible to abrade the skin deeply but at the same time gently and delicately, without excoriation or redness, since, precisely because of the effect of deferred lubrication, as the massage is prolonged over time, the consistency of the preparation becomes increasingly oily, smooth and anti-friction.

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